is Webiz for Me?
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We understand that everybody has different goals and expectations from their ecommerce business. That is why Webiz has defined a flexible, all-inclusive solution that is as simple as it is versatile. Whether you are an experienced professional, an eager new entrepreneur or just want to enjoy the benefits of a web-based ecommerce hub, Webiz lets you set up your business, just the way you want.


Flexibility is one of our key success factors. The Webiz business model includes three partnership models to choose from, depending on your experience and business goals:

The next generation affiliate program

Webiz offer you to become a reseller of high demand products directly from your own fully hosted eCommerce shop. No more cookie dependency or poor landing pages. Get up to 70% profit from sales on variety of risk free niches. Your traffic, your site.

Complete eCommerce platform

Looking to expand your online business? We allow you to add high demand products from our extensive catalog to sell at your store, ship the orders directly to customers all over the world, and help increase your profits—an excellent solution for people with existing stores anywhere online and those of you looking to break into the eCommerce market.

Shared Business Model

The Shared Business Model is our Affiliate Program, which includes members who have engaged additional entrepreneurs to set up their online business through Webiz. These members will receive a permanent 50% revenue share from the monthly fee for each of the new members they have brought into the Webiz partnership.