10 interesting stats on development outsourcing

Outsourcing development is becoming a standard for every technology-related company, the industry of development services is here to stay and grow, we gathered 10 interesting facts and stats about this industry that every company should know and will get you thinking about the global development outsourcing next trends.

  1. According to the 2020 report from the National Outsourcing Association, 83% of service providers expect the outsourcing industry to grow, with 37% expecting it to grow significantly. Just 4% expect the outsourcing industry to get smaller.
  2. The year 2020 will likely shift the development outsourcing focus from a cost-effective perspective to a customer-centric approach, as many outsourcing agencies highlight exceptional services for end-users.
  3. North & South America constitutes 42% of the outsourcing buyer region. Europe, Middle East, and Africa constitute 35%. The remaining 23% comes from Oceania & Asia! (Source)
  4. According to the Deloitte 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, 78% of business owners across the globe are satisfied with their outsourcing partner.
  5. Application development is the most frequent outsourced service & 37% of organizations are planning to increase the amount of work they outsource. (Source)
  6.  India holds 65% of the universal offshore outsourcing BPO market, making it the dominant leader in providing outsourcing services. (Source)
  7. 87% of outsourcing decisions in IT are taken because of low-cost factors. Further, 55% of IT companies consider outsourcing an effective strategy for the overall growth of an organization. Hence, outsourcing is helping organizations pave new avenues of success! (Source)
  8. In 2018, the outsourcing market size was $75.1 Billion, which is expected to increase up to $82.6 Billion in 2020. According to a statistics report published in ”fortunly,” 78% of the business owners in the US feel positive about outsourcing their jobs.
  9. As per Gartner, more than 80% of logistics leaders plan to increase their outsourcing budget by more than 5% by 2020. One of the reasons for this is that outsourcing their logistics helped them a lot by meeting or exceeding the end-to-end (E2E) supply chain and overall business objectives.
  10. 29% of businesses with fewer than 50 employees outsource, compared to 66% with 50 or more employees. (Source)

We believe that the development outsourcing industry will continue to grow focusing not only on cost-saving but also on great service. Webiz has always focused on supplying a custom-made service for its clients with a team of top professionals filled with the goal of providing an added value for every client. Find out more about Webiz services here.

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