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    React Native

    The duration of the course is 6-7 month

    • Duration per meeting: Maximum 3 hours
    • Total hours: 300 hours
    • Meeting days: 3 times a week - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    The aim of the course is to gain international experience and theoretical knowledge based on practice, which allow to improve your skills, incliding being able to work with databases and develop logical thinking.

    Software engineering using JS

    1. Coding fundamentals

    • Variables
    • Functions
    • conditions
    • Data types
    • Algorithms

    2. Introduction to algorithms

    • Implementation
    • String manipulation
    • Markup / Stylesheet languages

    3. Programming theories

    • Object oriented programming
    • Reactive programming
    • Design patterns

    Upon completion of the course a successful student will be able to:

    During the course student will learm amd be able to create websites using HTML / CSS / JavaScript / React / Node JS Technologies.