Automation Testing Course at Webiz

Webiz is constantly taking care of the development of our employees. Getting them exposed to relevant and consistent training can help improve performance and increase results in the workplace. We realize that employee satisfaction determines the success of a company. Therefore, we maintain an environment where all members of our team have equal opportunities for improvement. 

Webiz Academy launched an Automation Engineering enrichment course on February 8th so that our testers will keep evolving and developing themselves professionally. 

The course will run for 3 months hosting 30 Webiz quality assurance engineers. The program of the course is led by Lela Gabelaia, head of quality assurance at Webiz, and Giorgi Andriadze, Webiz CTO; The aim of the course is to create automated tests of web applications using Java programming and Selenide. It will include among its curriculum also Advanced Java; Git; Maven; Selenide; TestNG; Allure; IntelliJ Idea.

The course will be conducted remotely on a cutting-edge educational platform powered by our technology partner Clickto

Keep tuned for our next Webiz Academy courses, coming soon. 

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