BTU 4 years anniversary

Webiz congratulates the University of Business and Technology on its 4th birthday.  The University of Business and Technology, which has taken technological education to a new stage of development in Georgia for 4 years and has played an important role in the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, presented new initiatives and innovative projects to the public. 12 directions and a number of important projects that will be implemented in the near future are aimed at strengthening the digital economy in Georgia. Initiative 5.0 and Knowledge Bank were presented between the future plans of the University. Initiative 5.0 – Technologies in the strategic sectors of the country – for the rapid development of the digital economy Initiative 5.0 aims to strengthen the digital economy in Georgia, gain digital dominance in the region and stimulate integration into advanced technology sectors For this purpose, with the involvement of Webiz and other partners, BTU is launching large-scale technology projects in strategic sectors such as: Fintech; Agritech; Healthtech; Edutech; Greentech; Femtech; Legaltech; Culturetech; Deeptech; Mediatech and et.c. 

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