Challenges and Opportunities Of Becoming a Digital Nomad

Over the past three years, the number of digital nomads has significantly increased all over the world. As many organizations have already made the transition from full-time office work to a flexible working model, soon many of these companies will start shifting to digital nomad policies as well.

The digital nomad lifestyle has obvious benefits for both – employers and employees, here you will find some of the less evident ones like organizational creativity and increased innovation as a result of employees’ frequently changing environment. Living the digital nomad lifestyle allows employees to travel all over the world without being bound by their workplaces. However, these advantages come with some challenges too.

Who Are Digital Nomads?

Digital nomads are people who work from anywhere in the world using technology as the main platform to work and live in a nomadic manner. Digital nomads choose to travel and work from wherever they want rather than working from the company’s HQ office.

A recent survey conducted by Ernst & Young has revealed that 90% of respondents want flexibility regarding their jobs and that more than half would leave their current jobs if not being provided with the post-pandemic working flexibility.

Offering employees full flexibility and opportunities of becoming digital nomads, can be a competitive advantage for organizations as nomadic working is becoming more and more popular among modern businesses and in case, they do not take advantage of it, they risk losing the top-tier professionals from their community.

Making an organizational shift to flexible working has its own challenges as well, and a number of aspects should be carefully prepared to make the transition to a new model smooth and successful.

What are the Challenges and Difficulties of Becoming a Digital Nomad?

As a digital nomad, one of the most crucial things to ensure is that you have the proper paperwork and you are aware of your legal responsibilities. This is one of the most important things when you decide to live and work on the road, if not so, you might face some major difficulties. Combined with employment and residence, it all creates stressful and often unknown challenges for newbie digital nomads.

When you are always on the road, you’re either focused on your work managing to meet all the deadlines, or you are making sure you have enough projects to work on, in order to survive financially. For digital nomads, sometimes it feels guilty to take time off and just relax to explore the country they are traveling in.

Another big challenge for digital nomads is that when it comes to finding a work-life balance, they frequently find themselves torn between doing too much or not doing enough for their projects.

It is obvious that at some point digital nomads will need some help to deal with the issues they face on the road. Problems might include diseases, accommodation issues, malfunctioning hardware, financial difficulties, mental health and even loneliness.  Freelancing abroad may look glamorous, but it may stress you seriously if you do not have a supportive network of family and friends to lean on.

Digital nomads are fully dependent on technology. For this reason, they need perfectly functioning smartphones, chargers, laptops and etc. Wherever they go, they’ll either need to bring all this hardware with them or leave it somewhere really secure and safe.

And at last, digital nomads need to purchase their own medical insurance plans, which can cost up to $80 per month. However, if you want to stay in a certain location for a lengthy period of time, in this case, it is usually cheaper to acquire a medical insurance plan.

What are the Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad?

The benefits of being able to work from anywhere in the world may be appreciated by anybody. In a digital nomad lifestyle, employees can set themselves up in the perfect spot to fully enjoy their hobbies when the working day is done, or before it begins. Being a digital nomad gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. While working remotely, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule, choose when to work and enjoy your trips across the world.

As a digital nomad, you will see more of the world since you will be able to travel regularly. While the average 9-to-5 employment provides roughly two weeks of vacation per year, working as a digital nomad allows you to choose your own vacation schedule.

Being a digital nomad community member, you will meet new people and make new acquaintances from your business industry. Joining a remote worker or traveler support group may help you make new friends and locate co-living or co-working places, all of which are valuable resources.

While living a digital nomad lifestyle you have a perfect opportunity to reduce your overall expenses by analyzing the cost of living in different countries and moving to a place with lower costs.

Here are Some Opportunities for Digital Nomads who want to Join Webiz community

At Webiz, we constantly strive to create a world-class benefits experience that supports our community members’ physical, financial, and emotional well-being. Our benefits system is intelligently designed to maximally enhance Webiz community members’ health and well-being so that we can work together to establish a better future for everyone. At Webiz, we also support the digital nomad lifestyle for our community members – want to work as a digital nomad? It’s perfectly fine for us. Want to visit our office when you are back in town? We will always be glad to meet you here.

The hybrid working environment that Webiz provides, gives our community members broader opportunities and an ideal chance to build a perfectly balanced lifestyle.  

At Webiz, we are continuously evolving our working environment by creating new systems and structures to support our community’s success on regular basis. Webiz is a community of top freelancers, who work for the largest tech projects all over the world. Our community setup will give you the perfect opportunity to grow as a professional and enjoy all the benefits of being our community member. Join Webiz today and bring your talent to the global stage! 

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