How DevOps Teams Contribute to Technology Project’s Success

In recent years, modern technologies have been thoroughly changed by the principles of DevOps. In fact, DevOps has led us to technological breakthroughs that are obvious to everyone. As the word says itself, DevOps integrates software development and software operations practices with the goal of accelerating the product development process and achieving greater operational efficiency. 

According to the results of the 2020 State of DevOps Report, we can easily notice the obvious differences between modern organizations, which have already adopted DevOps principles and organizations that still have not. According to the report, organizations that are highly evolved in DevOps practices are 6 times more likely to report high usage of self-service platforms than the least evolved organizations. Also, these organizations are twice as likely to be product-concentrated compared to the organizations that are on the mid-level of DevOps principles adoption. Based on the results of the 2020 report, we can easily conclude that efficiency significantly rises as organizations evolve their DevOps practices.

What Is DevOps?

DevOps is a merge of development and operations, which results in a collaborative working style. Here the company’s application development and IT operation teams jointly work together to reach higher efficiency. Using DevOps tools and practices, communication and collaboration between teams are significantly improved and they gain the ability to respond to customers’ needs in a better way. These practices also cover cultural shifts inside the organization, such as improving communication and trust between developers and system administrators, while also aligning technology initiatives with business goals. DevOps changes everything, including the software delivery chain, IT services and tools, job roles and even existing best practices.

How DevOps Works?

In the DevOps culture, modern tools and practices are used to maximally automate the processes, which have historically been manual and time-consuming. DevOps is a methodology where the main goal is to accelerate the entire working process through the software development lifecycle. DevOps process is infinite, it can be visualized as a lifecycle that consists of several important steps: plan, code, build, test, release, deploy, operate, monitor and… plan again.

How DevOps Teams Contribute to Technology Project’s Success

Based on DevOps principles, ideally, an organization’s IT team should build software that 100% meets users’ requirements, deploys easily and runs flawlessly even on the very first attempt. The first step in this process is to understand the user’s requirements really well, therefore developers and stakeholders have constant communication to build the software in a correct way. After the main process is finished, developers work on updates on a daily basis.

In order to work efficiently and deploy good code to production, DevOps supporters most often use container platforms to ensure that software works consistently through the development, testing and production stages. Errors found during the processes are easily traceable using DevOps tools, which usually lead to code improvements. The important thing to take into account is that when DevOps team members work together on daily basis and share their knowledge and skills with each other, they can significantly help and build a better DevOps culture through the organization.

What is the role of DevOps in the modern technology world?

In the modern technology world, digital transformation triggers the use of the newest technologies in order to improve organizations’ existing business processes. In addition, new and improved processes are created as well. DevOps integrates software development and operations together, which has a huge role in an organization’s business cycle. Based on this synergy, DevOps helps IT teams to make the digital transformation journey more efficient and successful. 

As a result of the DevOps principles, organizations’ cultural mindsets completely shift. DevOps helps teams trust the pipeline and automate processes. All the repeatable tasks that are incurred during the processes are automated using DevOps tools, so that we save time and significantly reduce the error probability. DevOps cultural changes increase team happiness and overall efficiency during ongoing projects. 

Except for cultural changes, DevOps brings two main benefits to modern organizations – reduced costs and increased quality work. Project teams that follow DevOps principles, usually do not have to wait long for updates from their colleagues and this saves a lot of time. When it comes to digital transformation, speed is a critical factor – fast innovation and less rework significantly save time and money for businesses. DevOps perfectly triggers innovation through the project team – via automation, the teams are more relaxed, happy and positive in mind to work on more innovative activities, rather than implementing repeatable tasks. Digital transformation facilitates innovation, whereas DevOps supports processes that lead to new innovations. You can’t have one without the other and vice versa.

Webiz DevOps Team

At Webiz, we have a newly formed team of DevOps Engineers, who work for international IT projects. On daily basis, our DevOps engineers ensure that everything is in accordance with DevOps principles, handle the project’s scale and complexity and closely work with all development teams of Webiz Community. One of the biggest challenges the team faces in their day-to-day work is balancing the effort between all the different projects, but as long as the team is full of technical expertise, we can frankly say that they deal with the challenges successfully.

Our team is constantly striving to grow and collaborate with young talents, who want to become tech professionals. Webiz is a community of top freelancers, who work for the largest tech projects all over the world. Our community setup will give you the perfect opportunity to grow as a professional and enjoy all the benefits of being our community member. Join Webiz today and bring your talent to the global stage!  

How DevOps Teams Contribute to Technology Project’s Success
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