Flexible Working: Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

In recent years, modern organizations have fully adapted to a new reality and actively changed their operating methodologies. The pandemic has brought us an unprecedented opportunity to rethink how we work and define the role our jobs play in our everyday lives. 

Based on today’s reality, the time has come for organizations to shift to a new concept of the modern workplaces, where flexibility, freedom, productivity and structure are vital parts of the process. 

In a hybrid world, employees can work from the office or from wherever they would like to work during the workweek, which makes hybrid work a unique opportunity to be able to spend more time with family and loved ones, and at the same time stay productive, creative and just be happy with your job.

What Does Hybrid Work Model Mean?

The hybrid work model allows employees to work from wherever they feel comfortable. It is a unique opportunity to allow for a mix of in-office and remote work for employees, giving them full freedom of choice to work in the way they want to work. In a hybrid working environment, people are confident in their ability to work safely, productively and comfortably with their colleagues. Many of them alternate between working on- and off-site regularly, depending on their schedule and preferences.

Many organizations have been transitioning to a hybrid work model for several years, and the newest technologies have hastened the process even more. Investments in new business models and processes made since the pandemics has started, make it impossible for companies to get back to the previous status quo.

Many organizations adopt a flexible work model to stay competitive and succeed in achieving corporate goals. Another benefit of the hybrid work model is retaining top talents because nowadays it is getting more and more important for talents to work in a maximally comfortable way and not supporting a hybrid work model could prevent companies to attract and keep their employees.  

What are the Pros and Cons of a Hybrid Work Model?

Just like any other work model, hybrid work has its advantages and disadvantages. When done right, the hybrid work model creates a fully employee-focused environment, where people have a more enjoyable time at work with their colleagues, because the environment has been specifically designed according to their needs. 

When people have more flexibility, there is a high probability that they will balance their workloads, get fully engaged in work activities, and be happy with the job they are doing. The hybrid work model also improves the corporate culture by allowing employees to switch between the various workplaces based on their needs and preferences.

 On the other hand, in a hybrid work model employees may find it hard to properly communicate with their colleagues, as face-to-face small talks, spontaneous and quick replies contribute to a positive working culture. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to avoid poor communication while working remotely. 

Communication tools, internal events and other team-building activities are a perfect way to keep the employees connected with each other.  While some employees enjoy their flexible working conditions, people working from the office may feel a certain boredom and dullness. 

In order to avoid this kind of situation, companies should create a workplace where people are willing to work, for this reason, they can provide various kinds of organizational fun activities, internal championships, etc. Companies might also struggle with difficulty in maintaining productive routines for the employees, but with the right schedules employees will be able to have the structure of a traditional work model while benefiting from the flexibility of hybrid work.

Webiz – Place, Where You Will Meet Full Flexibility

At Webiz, we constantly strive to create a world-class benefits experience that supports our community members’ physical, financial, and emotional well-being. Our benefits system is intelligently designed to maximally enhance Webiz community members’ health and well-being so that we can work together to establish a better future for everyone. At Webiz, we offer full flexibility regarding your working preferences – want to work remotely? It’s perfectly fine for us. Want to work from Webiz modern office? We will always be glad to see you here.

The hybrid working environment that Webiz provides, gives our community members broader opportunities and an ideal chance to build a perfectly balanced lifestyle.   By being a Webiz community member, you receive a perfect opportunity to work at our fully-equipped, fantastic office right in the heart of Tbilisi.

Webiz office is optimized to our community members’ needs, we have all of the amenities to make them feel at ease and provide them with a comfortable working space to get work done. Believe us, at Webiz it is also a lot of fun to work from the office. 

We are continuously evolving how we work and there’s still plenty to learn as we create new systems and structures to support our community’s success on regular basis.

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