Internity Visits Webiz Office in Tbilisi

Webiz is super-excited to host the Internity team in Tbilisi office to brainstorm about the upcoming features of the Internity Platform. Various events and activities, such as ice-breaking sessions and sprint discussions about the ongoing project have been scheduled during the visit.

To enhance the close communication between teams, both team members participated in numerous team-building activities and games during one week of the visit.

It is important to mention that our team has been working on the Internity project for 1 year already and this is the first-ever visit, where both teams united and organized face-to-face meetings and brainstorming discussions. During the discussions, David Zerah – Founder, Neva Zerah – Founding Member & CEO, Omer Degani – Founding Member & Product Owner and Ifat Gross Ariav, Business Consultant of Internity Platform discussed the stages of the ongoing project and shared their ideas about future activities.

What is Internity?

Internity is a startup company, which successfully collaborates with Webiz. Internity is the one place to collect, reflect on and share the meaningful moments and reflections in life, with ourselves and our loved ones. With a unique set of tools, Internity helps and encourages users to arrange perspectives, add points of view and create their stories. Using Internity platform users can capture special moments, thoughts and experiences, bundle these captures and give labels to categorize them by any point of view.

Over the year of successful collaboration, Webiz community members have actively worked on the software development and design of Internity platform. During the project, top product owners, software developers, marketers, QA testers and UX/UI designers from Georgia, who are Webiz community members, have been working on the innovative features of Internity to develop the maximally easy-to-use platform for the users.

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