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Back-end Developer

Software Development
Full Time

We are seeking a skilled Middle/Senior Backend Developer to join our team.

The Backend Developer will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining server-side application logic and database schemas. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of software architecture principles, programming languages, and web development frameworks. The Backend Developer will work closely with front-end developers, product managers, and stakeholders to ensure the application's functionality meets the business requirements.


  • Design, implement and maintain server-side application logic and database schemas
  • Develop reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Optimize the application for maximum speed and scalability
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders to define and implement new features
  • Identify and resolve performance and scalability issues
  • Participate in code reviews and provide constructive feedback to other developers
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies in software development


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Proven work experience as a Backend Developer
  • Strong knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, or Node.js
  • Experience with web development frameworks such as Spring, Django, Ruby on Rails, or Express.js
  • Understanding of database management systems, such as MySQL, MongoDB, or PostgreSQL
  • Familiarity with RESTful API design and development
  • Ability to write clean, efficient, and well-documented code
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure
  • Familiarity with containerization and orchestration tools such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Knowledge of front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience with agile development methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban

If you have the required skills and experience, please submit your application for consideration.