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Senior Devops Engineer

Software Development
Full Time

We are looking for a skilled Senior Devops Engineer to join our team.

As a member of the DevOps team, you will work towards building and maintaining reliable, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure and development environments, as well as smooth and efficient deployment processes.

You will work closely with our product developers to understand their needs and create a seamless developing experience for them by improving current processes and enhancing developer-facing tools. You will focus on introducing new abilities and solving issues as they arise.

Our team is responsible for the company's infrastructure and development environments used by our engineering and data teams, from local through testing and production. We allow each developer the freedom to test their code in their own on-demand, self-created testing environment. Besides the different environments, our team owns the monitoring infrastructure, deployment processes, and all of the CI/CD chain.


● Take an integral part in shaping the future of Fundbox's environments architecture

● Maintain and improve our infrastructure code and internal tools

● Be a part of a team of talented infrastructure engineers

● Plan and execute various projects to promote our infrastructure to utilize more AWS


● Provide new features to our growing R&D members

● Support R&D if they encounter issues with the infrastructure

● Help R&D investigate complex bugs in the application's code

You should have:

● A minimum of 4+ years of relevant work experience

● Experience with AWS as an administrator in a production environment (EC2, RDS,

S3, ECS, Route53)

● Experience with Infrastructure as Code. CDK - advantage.

● Experience with container orchestration management and Linux containers maintenance

● Experience with building and maintaining a CI/CD system and procedures

● Experience with configuring and troubleshooting the Linux operating system

● Experience with administrating a monitoring stack - defining components and alerts

● Software development experience (scripts and applications) - Bash - must, OOP

Programming in Object Oriented Python


● Experience with configuration management systems

● Familiarity with Teamcity and Jenkins administration

● Migrating between self-managed to cloud-managed services

● Familiarity with Datadog as a unified monitoring system

● Development experience with Git, PyCharm, and GitHub

● Configuring and troubleshooting SQL databases

● Working with Redis, RabbitMQ, Zookeeper

● Managing Ubuntu servers

Preferred Skills:

  • Have scripting skills: (DevOps, Datadog, Phyton, AWS ECS/S3, Linux, Infrastructure as Code, Container Orchestration)
  • Be able to handle a stressful and dynamic working environment
  • Excellent working relations with interfaces.

If you have the required skills and experience, please submit your application for consideration.