The best solution for development outsourcing for Israeli companies

A growing company for development outsourcing is striving in Georgia, with over 100 employees already, Webiz Is supplying professional services for numerous Israeli companies that found in Webiz a long-term technology partner. The company combines the services from Georgian professionals together with a local Israeli management team. Webiz services consist in a wide array of solutions aimed for rising start-ups and established companies allowing each to choose according to their needs:
  • Development services – Team leaders, senior and junior developers specializing in the top coding languages such as: Native, node, php, mongoDB, SQL, React, React Native, Java, .NET
  • Project Management – Professional operations management to coordinate all services to work in alignment: developers, Designers, QA, etc…
  • UI/UX – Creative studio services for design on all product and marketing levels.
  • QA – Experienced team of product testers.
  • Product Planning – Professional product planning consulting and guiding throughout the project
  • Business and Marketing Strategy – Professional business and marketing consulting and guiding, investors deck, brand messaging, client segmentation and go-to-market strategy.

Webiz started as an initiative of 2 experienced Israeli entrepreneurs that were looking for a development solution for their own startups. They joined forces with the Honorary Consul of Georgia in Israel and found in Georgia a source of professional and loyal employees that created the base for Webiz services.

Eyal Bar-Oz, Webiz CEO and founder recalls the first steps of the company, “I first came to Georgia on 2018 and discovered a unique environment where people are seeking to move forward and motivated towards generating success. I’m confident that the combination of the Georgian people together with our outstanding Israeli managerial team places Webiz as a strong choice for any development outscoring”

Today Webiz has established its ground in Georgia with important partnerships created with BTU University, leading university for computer science degrees in Georigia; and GITA, the Georgian Innovations and technology agency, thriving to become a space for young Georgians to succeed

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