Webiz’s AI-driven Platform Will Enable Israeli Tech Companies to Source, Hire and Manage Developers from Armenia and Georgia

Webiz, which has located and trained hundreds of developers in Armenia and Georgia during recent years, has launched a designated AI-driven platform for Israeli companies to efficiently search suitable candidates for development positions through advanced filtering algorithms and matching mechanisms.

The new platform, www.webiz.com, carries out AI-based matching of the characteristics, skills, and preferences of Webiz’s talents with the requirements of the companies. Every developer fills out a detailed personal profile that includes his or her professional certification, experience, skills, preferred expertise areas, salary expectations, preferred work model (full-time, part-time, hourly, etc.). The companies also open an account and apply the AI-based filter mechanisms, which show them suitable candidates with a high degree of accuracy. The suitable candidates will be invited to video interviews organized via platform, that enables continuous communication between the candidates and the companies, including the submission of documents, questionnaires, and so forth.

Webiz developed a practical training program for high-tech professions on the basis of an Israeli syllabus. In collaboration with the Business and Technology University in Tbilisi, Georgia, outstanding students take a six-month course in various disciplines: programming in a range of languages, including React, Node js, DevOps, QA and UI/UX followed by certification tests.

Webiz operates in a five-story building in Tbilisi. To date, the company has recruited and trained more than 200 developers, who have joined 25 Israeli companies, including Kaltura and 888 Holdings. The company plans to recruit 200 more developers in 2022 and 1,000 in the upcoming years. Webiz recently expanded its operations to Armenia, where it is recruiting and training hundreds of developers using the model that it has applied in Georgia.

Eyal Bar Oz, co-founder and CEO of Webiz, says, “Manual processes of searching, filtering, and recruiting candidates take too long, are not accurate enough and do not suit the dynamic pace of the high-tech industry. The new portal will shorten these processes by about 80%, and in effect even more, because precise matching will prevent recruitment processes from not being realized. These capabilities are especially important for companies that are searching for workers in distant countries, where they are unfamiliar with the community of developers.”

Bar Oz adds, “At this stage, 500 developers, who we have certified, have already registered on the portal, and the number will grow rapidly in the upcoming months. We are building more models that will enable total human resources management that we provide, including output tracking tools, internal communications with feedback, salary and benefits, vacations, birthdays, and more. They will offer an additional layer of quality management, involvement, and employee retention.”

The training activity in Georgia and Armenia is only one tier in Webiz’s business model, which is actually much broader and based on the wide entrepreneurial experience of the company’s founders. For the start-ups who need it, Webiz provides outsourcing services to meet all of their needs, including: software development, product planning, project management, marketing and business development. Webiz currently allows young start-ups to use the company’s development services in exchange for holdings in those start-ups. According to this model, Webiz currently has holdings in 7 Israeli start-up companies.

Webiz applies a unique model to Webiz community members as well, providing them with outstanding employment perks and various benefits. The training courses, provided by Webiz Academy, are totally free of charge for Webiz employees, also under the employment contract, Webiz gives its team members 25% of its profits, which will be received in case the start-up is sold or issued. All of these strengthens Webiz team members’ satisfaction and loyalty, which results in the growing results achieved by our team on daily basis.

Check out the new AI platform launched by Webiz and welcome to the new era of workspaces. Join us today and see how quickly and easy it can be to hire quality software developers from Georgia or Armenia!

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