Webiz Chess Championship 2022

During the month of March, Webiz is hosting a chess championship for the members of Webiz community, who absolutely love to play the game. More than 30 software developers, UX/UI designers, product owners, testers and project managers from our community have joined the tournament to have some fun, communicate with one another and win the prizes set for the winners.

Webiz Chess Championship is held in several rounds and while some of our community members are playing the chess games, others are cheering their favorite players to win. The tournament is happening in Webiz modern office located in Tbilisi and is accompanied by various kinds of entertainment activities.

During the tournament, chess players are in strict time control, which means that each participant has 10 minutes until the finish of the game, with five seconds added for each move made, starting with the first one.

Webiz Chess Championship is a 1-month competition, thus we will have the winners announced by the end of March. An awards ceremony will follow the matches, where winning players will receive trophies and various prizes.

Webiz organizes a variety of entertainment and sporting events for its community members on a regular basis. We do believe that enjoyable, energetic activities are a perfect way to foster strong bonds between members of our community and contribute to a happier working environment at Webiz.

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