Webiz is proud to announce the launch of the Beta version of the webiz.com Platform

Finally, we have launched the beta of the webiz.com platform, with a unique UI for talents to register, fill in their details, start getting open opportunities, and find a “match” with Webiz customers.

Customers also have their platform access from where they can easily post job requests and find matching talents available in Webiz talent pool.

Webiz platform is equipped with a matching system based on numerous parameters aimed to find the most suitable match for our users. We will continuously develop this tool integrating additional elements to guarantee successful team building and positive matches.

Having the future of the hybrid workspace in mind we are planning to add many innovative functionalities, allowing easy connectivity with integrated virtual offices and messaging, career management & skill development, wellbeing, employee performance analytics, and more. The road is still ahead and we are on our way.

We invite you to navigate to our new website and keep following up on the webiz.com platform development.

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