Clickto Visits Webiz Office in Tbilisi to Discuss Upcoming Plans For The Clickto Platform

Webiz is super-excited to host Clickto team in Tbilisi office to discuss and brainstorm about the newest features of the Clickto Platform. During the visit, we have planned several activities and events, including ice-breaking activities, sprint discussions about the ongoing project, team-building activities and many more.

Each day of the visit began with morning meetups, where the agenda was introduced and the whole day was planned. After this, both team members participated in various team-building activities and games, during which the communication between the teams was successfully enhanced. During the visit, Clickto Team has conducted a so-called “Mini-sprint” – a set of activities, as a result of which a new feature of the Clickto platform was developed in a very short period of time.

It is important to mention that our team has been working on the Clickto project for 2 years already and this is the first-ever visit, where both teams united and organized face-to-face meetings and brainstorming discussions. During the discussions, Dotan Tamir, Co-founder and CEO of Clickto and Shaham Tamir, Product manager of Clickto discussed the stages of the Clickto ongoing project and shared their ideas about future activities.

What is Clickto?

Clickto is a startup company, which successfully collaborates with Webiz. It is the Cohort-Based Learning platform for enrichment programs, training centers, and more. This is a unique opportunity to build courses and connect with the learner community – no matter where in the world they may be. Our teams jointly built the Clickto platform to help enrichment providers, training centers, museums, and nonprofit organizations to become a part of the digital revolution and go virtual successfully. The platform is a perfect opportunity to plan, monitor, and run engaging distance learning, virtual programs, online classes and virtual after-school programs.

Over the two years of successful collaboration, Webiz community members have actively worked on the software development and design of Clickto.Live. During the project, top project managers, software developers and UX/UI designers from Georgia, who are Webiz community members as well, were working on the innovative features of Clickto.Live to develop the maximally easy-to-use platform for the customers of the platform.

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