Webiz in the “Smart Student” Remote Employment Forum for BTU

The BTU held a remote forum for students aiming to give its students information about employment opportunities in Georgia. The forum took place on April 12th and integrated more than 150 students and graduates in collaboration with more than 20 Georgian tech-related companies such as TBC Bank, StrategEast, Spectre, Wandio, Prime Insurance,  Oppa, Singular, Lab, Pepsico, Nasta, Kalo, Lanars, B2C, Clp Hub, Exact pro and others.

Webiz was happy to collaborate with this initiative, presenting our Company vision and open positions where the graduates could be incorporated on.

Webiz also invited the students to apply to the “Webiz Academy” program, which is planned to open in the future, providing an internship course aimed to increase their experience and know-how, opening opportunities for young developers to learn, get practical knowledge and grow as high-quality professionals.

Webiz is always open to new talents and we are thinking about our learning environment.

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