Webiz International Opens Its New Branch in Sri Lanka

We are happy to announce that Webiz is opening a new office in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka branch will be Webiz International’s fourth branch worldwide and will actively be involved in company’s daily operations.  At the initial development stage, we plan to employ around 50 talents, who will provide development, design, product management, project management and marketing services to our client companies and start-ups.

The brand new office is located in the center of the capital city of Sri Lanka – Colombo, and is notable for a modern design and excellent accessibility. In Webiz Sri Lanka office we offer full flexibility to our community members. While working on the office design, a great deal of attention was paid to our team members’ well-being – teamwork is accordingly stimulated by the open working spaces, flex desks and modern technologies, which enables our community members to work under perfectly tailored working conditions. 

“The opening of Sri Lanka office was mainly instigated by the need of worldwide expansion for our company and the increasing demand for development services from our clients. After several years of operating in our Tbilisi branch, we have realized how important it is to deliver the complete range of high-tech services to our client companies and start-ups on a worldwide scale. Top talents and tech professionals from Sri Lanka joining our renewed Webiz community will create new opportunities for us to cooperate with many dynamically-developing companies and startups in the region. Over the several years of operations we have been successfully cooperating with various organizations from all over the world and I do believe we will successfully continue this work in the Sri Lanka region as well,” said Eyal Bar Oz, CEO & Co-founder of Webiz International.

About Webiz

Webiz is a community of top freelance developers, designers, product managers, project managers, QAs, marketers and HR business partners. We believe that the entire workspace is going through major changes during recent years, affected by the digital evolution and fastened-up by the covid pandemics. 

The future of work we see as a hybrid mix between working remotely and working at the office, without losing the sense of belonging. We are ready for the new era and we are setting up the tools to facilitate this inevitable evolution. Our proprietary technology is aimed for talented professionals to join our amazing teams and for customers to easily hire, manage and monitor remote teams.

The company’s sales and managerial headquarters are located in Tel-Aviv, led by Israeli entrepreneurs and experienced business executives that choose Webiz teams for their own projects development. 

Webiz has a fully equipped modern office right in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia. To date, the company has recruited and trained more than 200 developers, who have joined 25 Israeli companies. The company plans to recruit 200 more developers in 2022 and 1,000 in the upcoming years. Webiz recently expanded its operations to Armenia, where it is recruiting and training hundreds of developers using the model that it has applied in Georgia.

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