Webiz is helping Israeli companies find asylum in Tbilisi for hundreds of Ukrainian developers, assisting with work and residential facilities

The Israeli company Webiz, which operates in Georgia and Armenia, is assisting Israeli companies to find asylum from Ukraine, enabling work and living facilities.

Webiz has trained and recruited hundreds of developers from Georgia and has successfully collaborated with several leading high-tech companies from Israel. During the last two weeks, the company has received several requests from Israeli companies seeking to find out whether Tbilisi has a suitable infrastructure for employing Ukrainian developers, which have straitened working circumstances because of the ongoing war on the territory of Ukraine.

After receiving the requests from partner organizations, the Webiz team has actively started working regarding the subject and within a few days, set up the perfect working conditions and infrastructure for hundreds of Ukrainian developers in the center of Tbilisi.

Eyal Bar-Oz, co-founder and CEO of Webiz, says that in order to employ the Ukrainian developers, the Webiz team has set up a complete system that includes issuing appropriate work permit documentation to Ukrainian developers, reserving hotel rooms to accommodate them, and of course, guaranteeing suitable workspaces including a 1,500 square meter workspace in the Webiz Office, located in the center of Tbilisi. Bar Oz: “Webiz will be the hosts of Ukrainian citizens in Tbilisi and we are fully prepared to deal with any professional or infrastructural issue regarding the migration process of Ukrainian developers.”

Webiz has been operating in Georgia since 2019 in a 5-story office building located in the center of the city. The company also founded its own training center – Webiz Academy, which is a platform for students that are aiming to pursue their career in the High-tech industry. During these years, Webiz has already recruited hundreds of Georgian developers, including dozens of senior professionals with years of experience in software development. The company intends to recruit about 1,000 more employees in the upcoming years. Webiz recently opened a branch in Armenia as well and plans to train and recruit Armenian developers according to the Georgian business model.

Following Webiz initiative for relocating professional talents to Tbilisi, Webiz founded the welive.tech services company in 2020 and currently Webiz is also assisting hundreds of Belarusians developers to relocate to Georgia due to the tense situation in the area.

Link to original article in Hebrew: https://itnews.co.il/news/?p=36087

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