What’s fun about working from home?

We have plenty of examples of the benefits of remote working. At Webiz, we conducted a survey with our employees to check, what’s fun about working remotely and what do they like the most about working from home.

Here are the results!

81%     “I can wake up 10 minutes before the call and get there on time”

61%     “I can use my break time and do whatever I want to do”

59%     “No more traffic! repeat with me – No More Traffic!”

54%     “I can work from my chair, sofa or bed, it depends on my mood”

52%     “I can work with a nice shirt and leave my pajama pant on and still look cool”

40%     “I have more time to spend with my family” 

38%     “I can sing and work at the same time! (and nobody will tell me if I don’t have a voice” 

35%     “I can have calls with my beloved team members every 2 hours!”

33%     “I can have the video call from my balcony and get a suntan at the same time”

33%     “I can be more efficient without the office noise and people circulating”

21%     “I can be barefoot if I want to”

19%     “Well now, I have more time for cooking my own lunch! (For advanced cooks)”

9%     “I started to learn how to make my own lunch (For beginners)”

5%     “I have more time with my pet” 

And here are some extra comments that we got, hope you enjoyed our point of view and you can also relate and enjoy this period of remote working! 

  • “While I am at home, I have more time to develop myself, during this time I always write code from 10 am to 11 pm and also, I study other programming languages. So, it helps me a lot to deepen my knowledge.” 
  • “I can work from home and still be late for work.”
  • “I don’t spend 2 hours on my way to work every day.”
  • I have a lot of money to spend.”
  • “Work meeting is more focused.”
  • “No one complains about the noise caused by music (neighbors may complain but no one has come to reprimand yet ).”
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