Everything is in your hands.

The future of work will be a hybrid mix between working remotely and working at the office while maintaining a sense of autonomy and community

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Everything is in your hands
We believe that the entire work space is going through major changes on the last few years, affected by the digital evolution and fasten-up by the covid. The future of work will be a hybrid mix between working remotely and working at the office. We are ready for this new era and we are setting up the tools to facilitate this inevitable evolution. Starting from 2 active locations, in Tbilisi Georgia and Yerevan, Armenia; Webiz is building the ultimate hybrid work space, partnering also with the top university, BTU, to bring in the top graduates as developers, UI/UX, QA, and more. On the Israeli side, Webiz works with top organizations and startups, looking to grow rapidly for a wide range of reasons. Whether startups are looking for strategic business partners and investors and the guidance to grow, or corporations are simply looking for an easier way to recruit top talent, Webiz has the solution. Founded by Eyal Bar Oz, a leading Israeli entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Webiz is redefining the way that the tech industry will look in the coming years.

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Everything is in your hands

Webiz is changing the face of digital community. We’ll give you the opportunity to work with international companies and bring your talent to the global stage.

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